How-to and About

This is a site where I summarize and annotate articles in a way that both saves time for the reader and is also easier to understand.

At the top is my ultimate TL;DR, and then down below is the copy and pasted article with annotations.  In order to read the annotation, simply hover your mouse over any text that has a dotted underline.  On mobile, you have to touch such text.  The text highlighted in purple is original text from the article which I thought was well worded and didn’t need to be annotated.

Right now, the only one who writes for this site is chandlertso, but if you would like to contribute, go to my personal website , go to the form, and tell me you’d like to contribute.  Also, if you would like to leave any feedback or suggestions, you can do so there as well.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to share this site with anyone who you think could find it useful!